Berk's Mobilevine

Berk's Mobilevine is a mobile friendly version of the Berk's Grapevine Forums (also called Berk's Forumvine). So, Berk's Mobilevine is a version of Berk's Forumvine which is the same thing as the Berk's Grapevine Forums. Did you get all of that?

Essentially, I tried to use the Berk's Grapevine forums on my mobile device, and I quickly discovered that it was quite a pain. Aside from the obvious issue of having to zoom in and out to tap on the links, and having to scroll all over the place to view any of the posts, every time you wanted to load a new page all the HTML had to be downloaded repeatedly. This meant that for people trying to browse the forums on their phones, data usage was larger than it needed to be.

So I decided to create a mobile friendly version that would keep data usage to an absolute minimum, and would more importantly be as easy as possible to browse the forums on devices with small screen resolutions.

So now, if you are already signed up for the Berk's Grapevine Forums, and want to browse on a mobile device, you can use Berk's Mobilevine to stay in contact with dragon fans wherever you are.

Berk's Forumvine Birthday Bar

The Berk's Forumvine Birthday Bar was a request made by several people on the Berk's Grapevine Forums to have a section of the forums that would show the names of the members that had birthdays on the current day.

I made an image that automatically updates with the names of the members who have their birthdays on the current day.

If you have a Berk's Grapevine Forums account, you can view the announcement post and birthday bar right now.

My Dragon Wall

I have a few spare projectors, all of which I got for free; it always amazes me what people throw out. And what do you do when you have an unused projector, a blank wall, and a love for dragons?

Build a giant dragon themed wall that shows what's happening in the world of HTTYD, of course!

And if that wasn't good enough, I had a Kinect sensor that I also wasn't using, and decided to connect it up to it's a touch wall. See those links in the picture above? Touching one of them will open that page directly on my wall!

The dragon news is currently just pulled off three different websites and updates around every 30 seconds. For more details, see this tumblr post.

The Chrome Extension

When Iantje had the idea for a dragon themed quote website called in 2015, I immediately thought that a perfect place for it would be on the new tab page for Google Chrome. Because, lets face it, the default Google Chrome new tab page is white, white, and a bit boring. Why not bring it alive using Dragons, while keeping all of the functionality of the top sites?

So I decided to make a Chrome Extension for that achieved this. If you go and install it, your new tab page will be transformed by a different DreamWorks Dragons quote and image every time you open it up! And you'll still have your Top Sites too!

Go and give it a try! And leave a review afterwards! I'd love to know what people think of it, and will consider any suggestions that you may have! (You will need Chrome or a Chromium based browser)

If you have an idea for a dragon related project that you want me to attempt, or help you with, please get in touch!