"And finally, the letter 's' has been officially removed from the alphabet. So you're going to want to avoid words like sword, severed leg, severed head, cyclone..." - Tuffnut and Ruffnut Thorsten, Episode 7 of Dragons: Race to the Edge.

How do I get it?

Firstly, removeS is available in two forms. A Chrome browser extension, and a JavaScript file.

Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension is what most people will use. You can simply browse to the removeS Extension on the Chrome Web Store, and install it into your browser. Once you've done that, you'll get the Race to the Edge chicken icon in the top right of your browser. That means that removeS has been installed correctly and is ready for you to use!

JavaScript file

The JavaScript file was created for web developers who want to be able to provide the functionality of removeS, without requiring users to install the removeS extension.

Simply include http://hictooth.com/extensions/removeS/removeS.js at the bottom of your HTML file, and the you can have all the functionality of removeS on your website!

Once the file has been included, you can remove all the 's' characters on your website by running removeS(); in your script. To strike them out, run strikeS();, and to revert everything back to normal, run addS();

An example has been included below:

		<title>removeS Example</title>
		<!-- Your page content goes here -->
		<div>Some example content that contains 's'</div>
		<button onclick="removeS();">Remove</button>
		<button onclick="strikeS();">Strike</button>
		<button onclick="addS();">Revert</button>
		<!-- Make sure to include the removeS script at the end of the file. -->
		<script src="http://hictooth.com/extensions/removeS/removeS.js"></script>

The code above is also available on the demo page.