So, what's all this?

Glad you asked. I'm hictooth, a programmer, web designer and How to Train Your Dragon fan. Because of this, I like making How to Train Your Dragon programs and websites that I think would be beneficial to the How to Train Your Dragon community, or that I just think would be fun to make and/or use.

Most of my Dragon projects are listed on my projects page, and they include a mobile friendly version of the Berk's Grapevine Forums, and a Chrome extension that attempts to remove all the 's' characters from the page (if you haven't seen Episode 7 of DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge, you might be wondering why I made that).

If you're looking to my secret odin gift to itosc12, then look no further!

Feel free to have a look around, and if you have an idea for a How to Train Your Dragon related project that you want help with, or want to to attempt, please get in touch!